FENIX Challenge (1st Phase)
Weight loss Award
When losing first 10 pounds • T-shirt: “I lost 10lbs with the X “
For those that reach the 25, 50, and 100 pounds lost
• 25 pounds- ‘I Lost 25’ t-shirt and OGX hat
• 50 pounds- ‘I Lost 50’ t-shirt and OGX Gym Bag
• 100 pounds- ‘I Lost 100’ t-shirt and OGX jacket
Each quarter, ORGANO™ will reward 2 people based off their weight loss (50%) and testimonials (50%)
• A weekend stay for 2 at a 5-star hotel, which includes a spa treatment
• Social media recognition on ORGANO™ Instagram, Facebook, and X4ever pages
• Special onstage recognition at ORGANO™ events
Lastly, there will be annual rewards, given to the participants who have excelled throughout the FENIX Challenge.
• Trip for 2 to an exotic destination ($500 pocket money included)
• Special onstage recognition at the 2018 EXPŌ Event
X4ever (2nd Phase)
Criteria Award
As you maintain your X4ever lifestyle and FEEL your FENIX, you will get:
• X4ever Bracelet
• X4ever T-shirt
• $200 coupon for OG products for every 12 months you are X4ever
The top 3 will receive:
• Free ticket and accommodation to the 2018 EXPŌ Event
• X4ever Champion Award, which will be awarded at EXPŌ
• Feature in the annual GOLD Magazine